The AWAKE project is always looking for new collaborators to strengthen and complete the team.


Ph.D. student, Master in physics or Engineering and expertise in experimental plasma physics

In 2018, the Advanced Wakefield Experiment (AWAKE) reached a milestone demonstrating that plasma wakefields generated by externally injected proton beams can efficiently accelerate charged particles over 10 m distance, thus fulfilling the objective of the AWAKE Run 1 phase. This first ever proof-of-concept boosted the next phase, AWAKE Run 2. The goal of Run 2 is to accelerate an electron bunch with a narrow relative energy spread and an emittance sufficiently low for applications. In parallel to AWAKE Run 2, high-density plasma, generated by a helicon source in a linear geometry, is under development at CERN in collaboration with the Swiss Plasma Center in Lausanne (Switzerland), the Institute for Plasma Physics in Greifswald (Germany), and the University of Madison in Wisconsin (USA). This development poses formidable challenges from the point of view of plasma physics, technology and diagnostics. We are looking for a Ph.D. student, ideally with a Master in physics or Engineering and expertise in experimental plasma physics, who will participate in this joint endeavor, working partly at the Swiss Plasma Center and partly at CERN on the helicon plasma cell and diagnostics development. Should you be interested or know someone who could be, please send an email to

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