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First Name Name Role, Expertise or Group E-address
Edda Gschwendtner Project Leader
Ans Pardons Safety, Integration,  Infrastructure
Eloise Guran Planning, Installation
Vittorio Bencini Beamlines (protons, electrons)
Steffen Doebert E-source
Eduardo Granados Laserline
Marlene Turner Experimental Area
Stefano Mazzoni Beam Instrumentation
Giovanni Zevi Della Porta AWAKE run coordinator
John Farmer AWAKE simulations
Livio Verra AWAKE experiment
Michele Bergamaschi Plasma cell
Jan Pucek Plasma cell, diagnostics
Tatiana Nechaeva Laser, diagnostics
David Cooke Spectrometer, diagnostics
Patric Muggli AWAKE spokesperson and Physics Coordinator
Allen Caldwell AWAKE collaboration Head
Hassane Sabri Cooling & Ventilation
Guillaume Gros Cabling
Thierry Charvet Electrical Infrastructure
Chiara Pasquino Vacuum
Marine Gourber-Pace Controls
Maryse Da Costa Ethernet
Franck Daclin Transport
Philippe Dewitte Survey
Vincent Clerc Design Office
Frederic Galleazzi Integration
Gilles Le Godec Power converters
Jeremie Bauche Magnets
Vitor Rios Access system
Franck Baïs Area safety officer
Nicolas Chritin Mechanical design office
Christelle Saury Radiation Protection
Silvia Grau Smoke detection and evacuation
Simon Marsh HSE - General Safety