Because of the refurbishment of the BB4 lift, access to AWAKE (ECA4, TAG41, TCV4 etc.) is only possible via the stairs until May 2024.
If your access to AWAKE cannot be delayed until late May, please ensure that you are fine with climbing the flights of stairs (~60m height difference) when leaving the tunnel, while carrying your own equipment and tools.


AWAKE's main safety issues are explained in the dedicated AWAKE on-line safety course.

Follow the course on and pass the test in order to access AWAKE. A video explaining how to use the PAD-MAD of the new access system is available here. More detailed information of the AWAKE access system and the different access modes is available here.


Most importantly:

Eating, drinking and smoking is forbidden in the entire AWAKE facility, including the AWAKE control room.

Lone working is forbidden in the AWAKE underground facility.

In the case of an emergency evacuation, you need to walk 1km uphill (6%) and climb 60m upstairs - do not use the elevator.

Contact the AWAKE Project Safety Officer (PSO) in case you feel you need to enter the area on your own.

Never enter the area alone unless you have written approval from the AWAKE PSO.


The guideline for organising a professional visit for AWAKE is available on EDMS 1281098, make sure to contact the AWAKE PSO at least 5 days before the visit.


In case of safety-related questions, contact the AWAKE PSO via